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Charter of the Forest Autumn 2017

Oct–Nov 2017: Lecture Series – The Charter of the Forest: Contexts and Conversations.

The 1217 Charter of the Forest was the charter that gave Magna Carta its name. This series of public talks explored the historical meaning and relevance of the charter 800 years later.




30 October 2017: Christian Liddy, ‘Urban Commons and Public Space in Cities’, The Charter of the Forest: Contexts and Conversations The College, Durham Cathedral

You can download the lecture slides (as a .pptx file) and the text of the lecture (as a .pdf file) by clicking the download links on the right.




29 April 2017: Christian Liddy, ‘Common Rights and Natural Resources: the 1217 Charter of the Forest in Historical Perspective’, The Blackfriars 11th Public Lecture on Medieval Food, Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle upon Tyne.

You can watch a recording of the lecture below:

10–12 October 2016: Christian Liddy, ‘Academics Curating/Curating Academics: The Individual and Mutual Benefits of Collaborative Curation’, panel speaker at Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities Conference, Manchester.

20 June 2016: Christian Liddy, ‘Citizenship and Revolt: the themes of the Magna Carta and the Changing Face of Revolt exhibition’, lecture to KS3 and KS4 history teachers at the Prince’s Teaching Institute, Homerton College, Cambridge.

1 October 2015: Christian Liddy, ‘The Magna Carta and the Changing Face of Revolt exhibition at Palace Green Library, Durham’, Society of Antiquaries, London.